Earlier today Disney made a presentation at CinemaCon and made an announcement that they were planning on releasing a new ‘Star Wars’ film into theaters every summer. The first film out of the gate is to be ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ in 2015. The studio is set to alternate each year with an Episode film and a standalone film featuring one of the many characters who inhabit the vast ‘Star Wars’ universe.

At the moment director J.J. Abrams (Super 8 and Fringe) is hard at work on Episode VII which is rumored to see the return of Mark Hamill (Virtually Heroes and Sushi Girl), Carrie Fisher (Sorority Row and Fanboys), and Harrison Ford (Ender’s Game and Paranoia). Disney confirmed the release of the standalone films back in February which is rumored to focus on Yoda, Boba Fett (I can’t wait for this one), and a young Han Solo. While I love ‘Star Wars’ it sounds like one new film each year sounds a bit overwhelming. And hopefully the story won’t suffer for it.

[Source: Collider]